Tylene's Tales, Volume III; Tylene Buck vs. Tanya Danielle (w/mystery guests) by Donk

Tylene lay on her stomach on her couch in a simple white lace thong watching the tape of he Bobbi Billard match and smiling with glee at her efforts and results. Sure she had nearly lost it but in the end she had overcome adversity and triumphed and did exactly what she had set out to do. Physically beat and sexually dominate her younger opponent. Her body was still somewhat sore after the attack by Stacy and Torrie afterwards even though that had been a few days earlier.

Her desire to beat down the beauties of the WWE was strong but getting back at Torrie and Stacy had taken a higher priority then Stephanie, Rena or any of the other Diva's. But what Tylene needed was an ally. Somebody she could put a little trust in because she had no desire to be outnumbered again. The double team by Stacy and Torrie had taught her that much. But who could she trust because of the $50,000.00 bounty she'd placed upon herself?

Rolling onto her back she searched her mind for whoever that might be but each answer came with a doubt or misgiving about the choice. Most of the doubts arose from the major trait of every woman in the underground sex world she had chosen to enter. To be in this world you had to have an ego and you had to be opportunistic. The question Tylene finally decided was not who could she trust the most, but which bitch would she have to look over her shoulder at the least!

Lazily slapping her hand to get the controller she winced as she watched Bobbi's stilettos impale themselves into her pussy but was brought to a quick smile as she watched her slam the cashbox squarely on the side of Bobbi's skull.

Pausing the tape. She then rewound it to watch that one swing over again.

It was as she pressed the PLAY button that she settled upon one woman to be that ally. A woman who had beauty and athletic ability. A woman of physical strength that most WWE Divas couldn’t compete with. She was a woman with an ego that few rivaled as well as one other thing. A loyalty to no company or any individual. But rather an extreme loyalty to her ambition and ego.

She may not be the perfect confederate Tylene decided. But in the world of wrestling Divas it was kiss of death to trust somebody. And at least this beauty didn't hide her ego and "me first" ambition. At least Tylene would no at all times where she stood......One fit of jealousy or surge of ego from a backstabbing. And Tylene felt she was comfortable with that.

Then on the table beside the sofa the cordless phone began to ring. Rolling back onto her stomach again. Tylene pulled herself across the sofa then reached over the arm of the sofa. Looking at the caller ID on the back of the phone. She saw a very familiar number that she had only put back on her memory dial function this morning.

Pushing her hair back behind her shoulder. Tylene smalled and pressed the talk button then brought the phone up to her ear and mouth,”Yes Miguel?"
Tanya Danielle slipped on a black lace g-string then the mesh top that not only showed off her 38DD tits beneath the fabric but was cut so that her big bulked up tits peeked out from underneath. Sitting on the bench of the dressing room she thought about putting on the boots she had bought for her match tonight but instead decided to remain barefoot.

Her mind replayed the moment she had first seen the tape that her agent had dropped off one day. She had heard about the fight in Sacramento between Tylene Buck and Bobbi Billard from some of her friends who had been there. They had told her about Tylene begging to eat out Bobbi and all the punishment to each woman's sex. They had told her about the fucking of Bobbi to an orgasm by Tylene with her stiletto. It had attracted Tanya immediately because Tanya loved to wrestle and loved to go pussy on pussy. And unlike all those times before that had been scripted by somebody she had never met. This would be real combat and her pussy would get some real sex preferably in victory rather than in defeat.

But it was that bounty that Tanya really couldn't ignore and it was that bounty that Tanya had made her decision to come here tonight to an abandoned boxing gym. It was simply to hard to pass up $50,000.00 to beat up and get some sex out of a undeniably delicious tart. Yet on top of the money and the sex there was one other reason to do this. A fact that if she was victorious tonight Tanya knew would be hers alone to claim. It would be on tape that Tanya Danielle with her body and will would have derailed Tylene Buck's train back to the WWE. And it would be a train that would be derailed permanently. Just the thought of it brought a smile to Tanya and a criminal chuckle from her as well.

It was then that she heard a knock on her dressing room door followed by the voice of the promoter for tonight’s show that like Tylene's return engagement would be taped; a tape Tanya was going to keep in her very private collection for a very long time. Walking to the door of the locker room and waited for the promoter to announce her. Promising the crowd just outside that if they wanted tits, ass and pussy then pornstar/catfighter Tanya Danielle was going to make sure that the paying public got their prescription for the night.

Out in the ring the promoter looked out across the filled to capacity boxing gym. He couldn't have believed his luck as he had counted dollar after dollar from the Billard-Buck match just several weeks before. Never before had he imagined he could have made so much money in one night and he had made very sure that the word of Tylene's self-imposed bounty had gotten around the grapevine very quickly. He had received numerous calls and e-mails for numerous matches from countless minor and major celebrities to cash in on that bounty. But Tanya's had been special from the moment he had seen her e-mail. Sex was her trade and he had seen what Tylene's "adult entertainment" had resulted in not only financially but in terms of publicity that he couldn't have bought in a year. In his mind Tylene needed a perfect sexual foil and Tanya with her youth, slim figure and bigger chest immediately appealed to him.

Stepping to the middle of the ring and looking at the crowd he smiled. He had doubted about moving to a smaller venue from his usual haunt but the tighter confines lead to more energy and a "riot atmosphere" that he found much more appealing. Besides it would offer a better up close view of his soon to be naked beauties including the ringside seat he had set up beside one of the video cameras that would tape the event.

Walking to the middle of the ring he brought the microphone to his mouth he smiled at all the dollar signs that had taken the place of the people surrounding the ring and addressed them, ”Brought back to you by popular demand by Sacramento Mid-Town Wrestling!!!! Tonight in this ring Tylene Buck returns to risk herself and her bounty against another beauty of equal physical bounty!!!! From Greeneyes and Napali video productions and measuring 38DD-23-35 in a luscious 5'5" 114 pound package of eroticism!!!! Tan-n-n-nya Dan-n-niel-l-l-le!!!!"

The lights save for those that lit the ring dimmed and a pair of powerful spotlights focused on one of the locker room doors and the erotic package that was Tanya Danielle stepped out of the door that was opened for her. Striding out a few feet with a sexy smile while her hands rested lightly on her hips. The southern belle stopped about halfway up the path that had been marked by crowd control barriers that were set just far enough apart from one another so that the crowd could reach out and just touch the bare skin of the beauty before them.

Reaching the ring. Tanya slowly climbed up the ringsteps then slid between the bottom and middle rope and strutted with a little extra sexy swing in her ass around the ring. Reaching the corner where she had stepped through the ropes. Tanya climbed up to and stood on the middle rope and winked at the cameraman who stood on the bottom step with the camera that looked squarely at the bare bottom of her breasts. Slowly she then began to pull off her shirt then twirled it above her head and tossed into a a sea of male hands. Still not done with her her double-D tits, Tanya cupped the pair in the palms of her hands and lifted them up to her lips and gave her large nipples a light kiss before winking at those that lusted for her body. Stepping down from the turnbuckle she walked to the promoter who was open mouthed in shock at the figure that walked around him.

Striding to the ropes she motioned for one of the ringside staff to pass a chair into the ring. Moving back to the middle with the chair in hand. Tanya returned to the middle of the ring and unfolded it then motioned for the promoter to take a seat in the chair which he did without a sound of protest.

Returning to walk around the promoter again. Tanya then stopped in front of him with her back to him. Bending over at the hip, Tanya then slowly slid the g-string off then set it around his neck. Turning around with her back to him again. Tanya sat on his lap with her hands on her knees and began a slow sensual grind. Smiling as she felt a certain male organ rise to the occasion under his pants. She went on for the better part of two minutes with a wide satisfied grin across her face. But this was merely an appetizer with the real target of her interest waiting to be introduced.

Standing up, the seductive catfight and sexfight starlet decided it was time to allow her competitions introduction. She knew that while she was a delicious naked sight in the ring. The fans had come here to see a fight and it would be just to rude to keep them waiting. Striding to the ropes and looking back towards the locker rooms. Tanya waited for her opponent with an excitement that she had never felt before and not because of the $50,000.00 bounty and what luxury or luxuries she could purchase with it. All her previous "combat" had been scripted and planned. This time it would be very real.

If Tanya had expected not to be upstaged by the former WCW bombshell she was fooling herself. The door to the other locker room opened and the soon to be subject of Tanya Danielle's aggression stepped confidently out from the behind the opened door with a brand new red cash box held in her right hand.

Tylene 's only "clothing" consisted of black wrap around sunglasses and a thick four inch diameter and five foot long rope heavily frayed at each end hung on her neck and over each breast. Covering her ample breastworks were a generous amount of her blonde lochs that she had combed and pushed in front of her shoulder to cover her tits up. The only other piece of clothing was the string with the cashbox key that she wore like a necklace. The silver key nestling just right in her ample cleavage. Other than that there wasn't an inch of thread over her body. Striding to the ring in her bare feet, Tylene walked with just as much confidence as Tanya.

But Tylene had one advantage over Tanya. An advantage that Tanya could only negate by stepping into a ring. Tylene had already been tested and bloodied and in the end had been victorious. Now, walking down the aisle to the ring with loud screaming throngs on either side of her, Tylene smiled gleefully as hands reached out to slide lightly on her naked body. Being sure to take an extra little bit of satisfaction if she felt a hand lightly tap either cheek of her tight, fit, ass. She reveled in it all as each second passed. Once even stopping and smiling as a young males hand slid down the bare front of her crotch and rubbed her pussy lightly. She knew it was all so "wrong" to society but as far as that was concerned that just made it all that much better! Reaching the ring, Tylene went to the table with the bell and grabbed one of the microphones from the table for the wrestlers and announcers use.

Then she sauntered arrogantly around the ring with one hand on her hip as she addressed a waiting Tanya, "I get so wet looking at your sweet southern body, Tanya. And watching those big tits I know you're going to be begging for and pleading that I give those udders some special attention. I mean we all know the only thing you've ever been good at your life." Winking at her opponent,, she turned her back to the ring and finished her statement, ”Getting ahead with your puss….AIE-E-E-E-E!!!!"

She let out a wild scream of shock as she was pulled harshly up to the ring apron by Tanya who had leaned down and pulled her up, then bent her back over the top rope. With Tylene's arms straight out, Tanya drove the point of her elbow into her throat, then followed with a windmill forearm to the throat before releasing Tylene - but still holding onto Tylene's long blonde hair! Slumping to her knees and holding weakly onto the top rope with her right hand, Tylene coughs loudly as she massages her numb throat while crawling along the ring apron.

Giving another hard pull and bending Tylene over the top rope again. Tanya powered another forearm across Tylene's throat that sent the Tylene crashing to the lightly padded concrete floor. Laying on the cold concrete. Tylene slowly lifted herself to her hands and knees and breathed oxygen in deeply through her raw throat. Still wearing her sunglasses but with her rope having fallen off her neck and resting inside the ring she prepared to enter the ring but had not seen Tanya slide between the bottom and middle rope and jump down to ringside just behind her.

“Little short of breath, bitch?" yelled Tanya with a shrill warning before spinning Tylene around.

Tanya then drove her foot hard and deep into Tylene's stomach. Lifting Tylene just slightly into the air before Tylene fell flat onto the concrete. Her hands cradling her stomach as she tried to gather the breath that had just been kicked out of her. Looking behind her, Tanya noticed the long rope Tylene had brought to the ring laying inside the ring just a few feet away under the bottom rope. Moving quickly to grab it and use it. Tanya straddled Tylene's back just above her ass then used the rope as a garrotte around Tylene's throat. Tightening the rope around Tylene's throat while she leaned back herself to gain extra leverage while smiling broadly during her attack. Tanya had never been allowed to be this vicious before and she promised herself as she watched Tylene panic beneath her.

Tylene on the other hand was in a much different state. She felt her windpipe being slowly crushed and her breath being harder to gather. Sure she had survived her first match but even in her stunned state she knew that if she couldn't breathe she couldn't fight. But for now all she could do was pull uselessly at the thick garrote around her throat with one hand as she was bent painful back as Tanya asserted her authority. Her free hand slapping loudly at the hard concrete beneath her.

After the better part of two minutes. Tanya relented and loosened her borrowed weapon. Standing up and still straddling Tylene with her feet on either side of the coughing and slowly moving naked body beneath her. Still smiling, Tanya draped the rope around her neck and then bent over and pulled Tylene's limp form onto all fours between her legs with two thick handfuls of hair. Jumping into the air, Tanya came down hard on Tylene's lower back and Tylene dropped back to the floor. Groaning and holding her lower back with one hand as some of the male fans leaned over the could control barrier and made comments about how she looked at home "on her stomach naked with her legs open".

“Hear that, bitch! Hear THAT! Who got where they are with their pussy?" chided a delighted and confident Tanya.

Still standing and straddling Tylene, Tanya pulled her to knees, then to her feet before throwing her into the ring under the bottom rope. Strutting to the ring steps and sauntering arrogantly them. Tanya slid between the bottom and middle rope with her eyes immediately focusing on Tylene who had pulled herself to the ropes and was now resting on the middle rope. Breathing heavily with her legs wide apart and straight out behind her.

Reaching Tylene as she had weakly thrown her hands over the bottom rope. Tanya grabbed Tylene's ankles and pulled her straight out as Tylene's instinctively grabbed the top rope. Stretched straight out and looking straight down at the mat through her sunglasses which had somehow still stayed on. Tylene tried desperately to pull her legs free from Tanya's tight grasp as she plead for just a second of mercy.

“No Tanya!!!! Don't drop me on my tits!!!! Please don't drop me on my tits!!!!......NO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!!!!" begged Tylene as her 34DD breastworks hung and jiggled as she squirmed to free herself. But Tylene was cut off as Tanya gave her legs a sharp pull and she plummeted straight down and chest first onto the canvas. Popping up with each of hands covering and clutching a numbed breast. She attempted to scamper on her knees towards the nearest corner but was stopped as she felt Tanya's hands return to her thick blonde mane and fill themselves with a thick handful of her hair.

“Leaving so soon, bitch!?!?!" asked a confident Tanya as Tylene's hands flailed wildly in front of her for the corner that was just inches out of her grasp. Eyeing the hollow but steel ringpost. Tanya's mind immediately concocted a much more personal assault upon her opponent.

Giving Tylene two quick kicks to the small of Tylene's back which dropped Tylene quickly to the mat. Tanya then slid underneath the bottom rope and outside the ring. Quickly reaching in and grabbing Tylene's ankles again and pulling her to the corner. Tylene's legs split neatly by the cold steel of the ringpost and her naked pussy just inches from suffering.

“Just a little to sore up top, bitch! Let me even it out!" yelled Tanya as she gave Tylene's ankles a hard pull and smashed her pussy hard into the ringpost.

Tylene hadn't even had a chance to utter a protest when her pussy was paralyzed by a deep agony. Almost immediately Tylene's hands snapped down to her pussy and clutched it tightly. Popping up into a sitting position with her eyes wide open and her mouth in a tight "oh" before returning to lay flat on her back while still holding her pussy and beginning to sob lightly. An agony that was repeated again as Tanya pushed Tylene back from the ringpost a few inches and crotched her pussy holding opponent with similar delight again. This time Tylene stayed down though but rolled just slightly onto her left side and holding her womanhood just a little tighter.

Tanya listened to the mad almost riot atmosphere around her and soaked it all in. Seeing and hearing the thirst of others for physical domination of one woman by another gave her a cruel some would say criminal enjoyment. Not that she cared what those that would stop this thought. She only knew how to make money with her body. Shaking her big jugs and going pussy on pussy with another woman. This form of combat Tanya now saw as another source of income and marketing for her name. Granted it was a little more real than anything she had done before.

Still holding lightly onto Tylene's ankles. Tanya tightened her grip again and prepared to render Tylene's pussy another blow. Feeling Tanya's hands tighten around her ankles again. Tylene sat up and waved her arms wildly in front of her and plead loudly to her opponent for some quarter to be given.

”Please Tanya!!!!! Please not again, Tanya!!!! Please don't be so mean to my pussy!!!! NO-O-O-O-O-O!!!!!!" Tylene's pleas trailed off as Tanya gave a sharp hard yank that crashed Tylene's pussy into the ringpost again.

Dropping the blonde beuty onto her back again with her hands clutching her pussy that little bit harder. Tears began to flow from the corners of her eyes and Tylene began to wonder just when her time to turn the tables would present itself. She had bided her time against Bobbi but a few more assaults this low and Tylene would be bound to the ground. Unable to lift herself up to stand on her own power.

Seeing her advantage. Tanya was not about to let it waist. Rolling under the bottom rope and then standing up she began to pound short sharp kicks into Tylene's stomach and kidneys. Driving her heel in deep with an aggression that was real and not scripted. An agression that excited her as it elicited loud painful screams from Tylene as she convulsed with each kick. After a half dozen kicks, Tanya bent down and pulled Tylene up to knees and then onto her rubbery legs with a thick handful of hair then turned and snapmared Tylene over her shoulder into a sitting position with her back to Tanya. Pouncing quickly, Tylene grabbed Tylene's wrists and bent Tylene's arms back. Making sure to plant her knee deep into Tylene's spine so as to sink in an excruciating surfboard.

All Tylene could do was bend and scream as her spine was strained like it had never been. This bitch was a sexfighter Tylene told herself. She should be in control and this bitch smelling her pussy the former WCW bombshell told herself.

Tanya on the other hand wanted to make Tylene scream as loud as Tylene was able to. If that meant that Tanya had to give Tylene a little "encouragement" then so be it. Tanya may not have been an experienced fighter but she did know the basics thanks to a certain good friend of hers that had given Tanya a couple of tutorials and free lessons. She would sink the surfboard in deep and smile in cruel criminal delight as Tylene screamed loudly to the ceiling then slack it off a little for a second or so before cinching it in deep again and returning to bending Tylene's back and shoulders how they were not meant to be bent.

One minute turned to two and then two turned to three. And soon Tylene was held in the surfboard off and on for almost five minutes before Tanya released Tylene's arms which fell lazily to Tylene's side. Her back and shoulders sore and body fatigued. Tylene began to fall lazily onto her side only to be put in a occasionally convulsing heap as Tanya drove a kick into middle of Tylene's back.

Laying on her side. Tylene held the small of her back with both hands. Her voice a weak moan and her glasses now resting on the end of her nose. Still near the corner, Tylene felt her ankles being grabbed and she was rolled onto her back then pulled and held such that Tanya's arms were wrapped tightly around Tylene's legs just above her knees. Instinct told Tylene what was about to happen and she exploded into a panic. She squirmed in Tanya's grasp while screaming desperate pleas for mercy.

“Don't hurt my tits again!!!! Don't hurt my tits!!!! Please Tanya!!!! Don't bruise my titties!!!!" Tylene plead loudly.

“Going up!!!!! BITCH!!!!" Tanya warned then fell back and catapulted Tylene several feet through the air and tits first into the corner her pussy was much to familiar with.

Tylene hit hard with her feet still in the air. Her ample chest slamming hard into the turnbuckle. Slumping against the turnbuckle with her arms draped over the top rope and her face contorted a twisted picture of pain. But just as she began to slump to the mat. Tanya spun her around and granted no respite.

Climbing onto the second turnbuckle and pushing Tylene's head back with a second thick handful of hair. Tanya reached way back with her open right hand and brought it down hard across Tylene's cheek.


The sound of the slap and terrified scream of Tylene echoed into the gym's deepest darkest corner. The force so strong that Tanya's head snapped to the left. With her arms straight out and draped over the top rope. Tylene shook her head as fear rapidly filled her soul. A fear that showed on her face and a fear that Tanya took criminal glee in knowing she had created it. Reaching back with her right hand again. Tanya blew Tylene a kiss and brought her open down hard and loud across Tylene's face again.


Tylene's scream was louder and her body shook and convulsed as Tanya now laid on her humiliation extra heavy. Laughing as she followed up her last slap with hard and unforgiving forehand and backhand open slaps that made the crowd find an extra decibel or two of raucous noise that announced their approval.



Tylene's limp body settled against the turnbuckle and Tanya began to believe that just maybe she was going to win easily. Sure she had seen Bobbi come close to but not able to put Tylene away. Bobbi had held the advantage for a long time and had been to anxious to attack Tylene at the end. That had allowed Tylene the opportunity to dim Bobbi's lights and Tanya knew her private tutoring had prepared her well. Bobbi may not have finished it but she would. Looking down at Tylene's naked body that she stood over Tanya smiled. Her victory and her paycheck were near.

“I think I like your face a deeper shade of red, bitch!" Tanya chided her opponent. Hauling Tylene from her heels and sitting on the middle turnbuckle to standing against the corner with a hard and authoritative yank on Tylene's hair that elicited a loud scream. Reaching way back with her open right hand and prepared to exert her physical will over Tylene again.

But Tylene was an opportunist and wrestling instincts much more natural. Before Tanya could rattle her head with a fifth slap Tylene pounced. Snapping her arms around Tanya's waist in a tight embrace and took three quick steps out of the corner with Tanya held high. As her foot came down for the fourth step Tylene then dropped Tanya in a reverse atomic drop onto her outstretched knee. Crushing Tanya's womanhood and gaining the advantage that she had lost with Tanya's early attack. But Tylene held Tanya and with a loud groan stood up and raised Tanya as she had been before.

Tanya couldn't reach down to hold her pussy and the voice that had been sucked from by the decisive attack returned in full volume. But there was no confidence now and fear had grown quickly into the dominant emotion. Trying to reach the turnbuckle and pull Tylene back into it while screaming. Her hands waved in the air only inches from their goal as she leaned to the side and bent over Tylene's shoulder. But it was an effort born from copurage and destined to fail.

“You're too loud, bitch! How about I shut you up!" chided the now-in-control Tylene. "Going down!!!!"


Taking two more steps. Tylene dropped Tanya into a second reverse atomic drop and forced silence upon her opponent. Releasing her grip slightly but still keeping Tanya straddling her outstretched knee. Tylene watched Tanya's hands rushed to her numbed sex then try and push between her knee and Tanya's pussy to soothe the fire now burning low between her thighs. Tylene then smiled and nodded her head and tightened her grip again and lifted Tanya with her pussy held tightly into a position she had already been twice.

“You want that corner so bad sweetie!!!!!.......EAT IT!!!!!!" Tylene warned. Looking over her left shoulder. Tylene began to fall back towards the corner that had occupied so much of the fights time.

It didn't take long for Tanya to know what was coming. She could see it after all.......The top turnbuckle racing towards her face!


The crowd fell into a loud and long collective gasp as they watched Tanya's pretty southern face crash into the top turnbuckle with so much force that Tanya stumbled backwards on now unsteady legs towards the middle of the ring where she fell onto her back holding her head as the ceiling circled above her and a few more lights than should have been there appeared. Attempting to sit up several times the dazed and now literally dizzy blonde would fall onto her side holding her ringing head then roll onto her back again. As she attempted to sit up she saw Tylene slowly approaching with a confident and evil smile. Tanya knew she couldn't defend herself and she sat up and with one arm behind her pulling her away she waved the other and loudly begged off the woman that minutes earlier she had controlled.

“No more Tylene! Please no more!" Tanya plead as the distance between her and Tylene disappeared and became inches instead of feet, ”Don't hurt me anymore, Tylene! Please don't h…" Tanya was cut off in mid-plea when Tylene drove three rapid kicks into her face and throat as she fell back to the mat.

"SHUT.......UP.......BITCH!!!!!!!" warned Tylene, emphasizing each word with a stomp of Tanya's stomach.

Looking around for her tools. Tylene saw that the rope was on the ring apron where Tanya had rolled under the ropes back into the ring. Quickly running to get it, Tylene hung it around her neck as she had when she had entered the ring area. Quickly looking outside the ring she saw the cashbox on the floor. Fearing somebody from the crowd might be tempted by easy money. She bent over and stepped between the bottom and middle rope to get the cashbox and put it in the corner of the ring.

It was a rookie mistake. A mistake Tylene should have known better to make. That mistake being never to turn your back on an opponent or move your attention away from her.

Tanya seized the moment as her head cleared enough for her to act. Scrambling to her feet as she saw Tylene straddling the bottom rope. Tanya charged across the ring before Tylene could react and slid under the bottom rope. Grabbing it and pulling it down and then letting go so that it snapped back and gave Tylene's still slightly sore sex a reminder of what it had just healed from.

Tylene's eyes popped wide open again and she fell onto her knees with her pussy straddling the wire sheathed rope. All she could do was moan and sob her pain as she fell onto her side with her left thigh still resting on the bottom rope and her hands tightly holding her once again assaulted pussy. Realizing her position she prepared to crawl away but was stopped as she felt Tanya's wrap tightly aroud her ankles and yank her womanhood tight to the rubber sheathing of the wire rope. Awkwardly perching herself up on one arm she waved the other franticly. She knew her fate since Tanya was a sexfighter and sexfighters worked mainly on tits and pussy.

"Don't do it, Tanya!!!!! Don't burn my pussy, bitch!!!!!" begged Tylene as her sexual asset was threatened again, "Somebody please save my pussy!!!!! Somebody!!!!! I'll fuck anybody who saves my pussy!!!!! Oh God!!!!!!........No m-m-m-mo-o-o-ore!!!!!

Tylene's voice trailed off as Tanya pulled Tylene's Body three full lengths each way up and down the bottom rope. The rubber burned her pussy with a fire that was intense and deep. With tears now flowing heavily from her eyes that were wide open in panic. She tried desperately to free her legs and kick Tanya away. But Tanya's grip on her ankles was to strong to kick Tanya away. Squirming as her pussy was molested by the catfighter/sexfighter, Tylene lay on her back and bawled with her hands slapping away at the mat as the suffering in her womanhood didn't let up.

If Tanya was having fun before she was overjoyed now. Everybody had probably figured she was dog food for the squirming bitch she had held the advantage over for most of the match. But Tanya was showing that what she lacked in skill she made up for in determination and will. She was also showing the assembled crowd that she was opportunistic with her attack on Tylene outside the ring and her quick seizure of the momentum when Tylene's attention had strayed.

“My pussy!!!!! My pussy!!!!! Oh god my pussy!!!!!!" whined Tylene as Tanya pulled her back along the bottom rope towards the corner where her rope now lay on the mat.

Slipping Tylene's left leg under the bottom rope and smiling gleefully as Tylene's hands snapped down to tightly hold her sex while she cried loudly. Tanya gave a sharp yank to Tylene's ankles and pulled the shaken bombshell outside the ring where Tylene fell to her knees with her thighs tight together and hands deep between them. Pulling Tylene up to her feet with a harsh pull of the hair. Tanya slipped behind Tylene and put Tylene's arm across her right shoulder then behind her neck.

“I've never been this mean to a pussy, bitch!......I kind of like it!" Tanya whispered in Tylene's ear.

Tylene looked through her heavily-tearing eyes and saw the barricade that surrounded the ring to keep the crowd back beside her. Knowing her position she quickly realized her fate.

“No more, Tanya!!!!! Please No more!!!!!! NO-O-O-O-O MO-!!!!!!!" Tylene's voice carried as she was lifted into the air then was cut off and her voice's volume suddenly muted as Tanya crotched Tylene's womanhood on the unprotected steel barrier.

Tylene's body went straight and stiff, her eyes fixed forward and legs went tight to the cold steel of the barrier. Tylene suddenly felt young hands grope and feel her naked body. Hands that were both male and female. Unable to voice her protests due to the pain between her thighs that preoccupied her attention. Her mind none the less suddenly became paralyzed in fear and humiliation as the young hands moved over her naked body and rubbed her ass or caressed a breast without her permission. It was a humiliation far deeper than anything Torrie or Stacy had done to her several weeks earlier. That had been private while this was public. But yet in all that had gone wrong. Tylene's confidence had only been shaken slightly.

“All I have to do is hold on,” she reminded herself in silence.

Tanya had already made one mistake and Tylene knew in her soul that the southern belle would make another. But this time Tylene vowed to herself that she wouldn't throw it away. Approaching Tylene from behind. Tanya dug both hands deep into Tylene's hair and with a scream of disgust tried to throw Tylene down to the cement floor. But instead Tylene was left hanging with right leg bent over the barrier at the knee and her right foot twisted and secured between the bars of the barrier. The top of Tylene's head brushed lightly on the concrete as she hung upside down. There was nowhere to go. No way to defend herself as Tylene squirmed and tried to pull her foot free.

It was then that she noticed Tanya walking up to her then bending over at the hip and arrogantly addressing her trapped opponent, "You just like to hang around, Tylene. Just not understanding when it is time to go away........Let us see if you like hanging around after I'm done?"

Before Tylene could utter a protest or a plea Tanya began her assault anew with simplicity and force that asserted her will over a helpless Tylene. Driving kick after kick into Tylene's stomach, chest and kidneys. Soon reducing the hanging bombshell to a limp and seemingly lifeless form found in a butcher's fridge. Displayed like a side of meat. All Tylene could do was suffer and listen to the crowds delight at her predicament as each kick was driven deep into her.

Somebody had taken this bitch aside concluded Tylene......Somebody that knew the basics of ring wrestling. Looking through fluttering eyelids and glassy eyes. Tylene watched Tanya reach for her free leg and grab her ankle and push it out to expose her womanhood and make it free for a little discipline. Waving her arms wildly as her voice reached a new level of fear. Tylene loudly begged off Tanya as she understood her womanhood was to be a target again.

“No more, Tanya!!!!! Please no more!!!!!" begged Tylene.

“Guess you're going to need something small for that pussy tonight, bitch!!!!!" warned Tanya as she raised her leg and drove her heel into Tylene's crotch that left Tylene holding her pussy and convulsing wildly as she hung upside down.

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